Surrogacy service from qualified ADONIS clinics

Being happy parents is the most exciting experience in life. Very first moments with your baby are unbelievable and memorable. Together with ADONIS International Surrogacy, you will have the opportunity to overcome infertility problems and become a parent of a healthy child. 

Choose your approved way of the highest level medical treatment of ADONIS. 

Surrogacy treatment in ADONIS means: 

  • Well-developed preparation stage

With the help of the most experienced medical staff of ADONIS, we provide the well-developed preparation stage to ensure the safety and confidence of the patients – examination plan and professional consultations to choose the right infertility Program just for you. 

  • Surrogate selection 

ADONIS own approved Surrogate base is full of totally examined applicants which are ready to start the treatment process immediately. Multistage diagnosis including physical, mental and genetic health check – everything for your safety and the safety of your future baby. 

  • The best equipped laboratories 

ADONIS provides the full cycle treatment on its own basis (which is located in one place). The latest equipment is certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and manufactured in Europe and the USA – the services of the best laboratories are included into the Surrogate Programs. 

  • Legal support 

ADONIS ‘own Legal Department is your supportive service in different areas of law. We provide highly qualitative help with documentation, notarization, birth certificates and other essential deals.  

When choosing ADONIS International Surrogacy from the range of surrogacy agencies, you get the best results supported by the numerous successful stories of our patients from the whole world. 

ADONIS clinics in numbers and facts are the following:

  • 13 own medical centers and laboratories
  • 66 medical directions
  • 360+ doctors, 1620+ nurses, 13 biologists, 36 laboratory assistants
  • Clinical research department
  • Embryo laboratory
  • 2 Maternity Hospitals
  • Own licensed Cryobank
  • Stem cells laboratory and Research center
  • The private higher educational institute

The dedicated work of the whole ADONIS staff is yielding results. The special atmosphere in the whole departments, clinics, maternity hospitals and it’s rooms. The home atmosphere, where everyone is ready to help and be near 24/7.

The initial stage of the examination and consultation with the specialist will help to reach the best results and the highest quality of the treatment. 

The main indications to experience ADONIS Surrogate Programs include:

  • Serious problems with the main organs involved in childbirth process (including the absence of them)
  • The cervical cavity deformation changes
  • Several previous unsuccessful IVF attempts
  •  The endometrium of uterus incorrigible changes
  • Serious somatic ailments

We ensure the high quality treatment from the very beginning of the treatment in each small aspect. 

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies has more than 23 years of experience in the field of medical assistance. This fact is your best insurance of safety and confidence. 

Choose the Surrogacy Program with full assistance during the process. Choose ADONIS clinics to dive into happy parenthood.

Denver daily & private tours

Why Colorado is getting more and more popular among tourists? This state has everything from natural hot springs to world-class ski and hiking trails, from spacious green foothills to large towering mountains, from bustling cities to quiet remote towns and national parks. Colorado has somethings interesting for every type of traveler. 

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The trips we offer 

There are so many places to travel to in Colorado! Some of them tend to take all the credit and visitors, but we can show you hidden gems as well, the places you can’t find on the list of the most famous attractions. One of our offers is the Mount Evans tour – a best-selling tour to the famous Rocky Mountain range.

It’s the journey to the top of Mt. Evans with extremely beautiful views and activities on the way, that attracts thousands of tourists every year. Another great decision is to take Rocky Mountain National Park tours, that reveal all the beauty of local nature and diversity of destinations. You can take Pikes Peak or Foothills tour if you want to observe the wildlife of the region and feel the atmosphere of it.

Book your next adventure 

Explorer Tours is one of the biggest excursion agencies in Colorado, which has a great reputation among customers and is well-known for its ultimate itineraries and decent service. Our private and daily tours are unique and include all the details: transportation, water supply, and so on. There is no more need to plan everything by yourself and be afraid of missing something – leave all the organizational issues to the professionals and just enjoy your vacation. 

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Gestational Surrogacy in ADONIS Fertility International

The safety and confidence of clients are the main factors for ADONIS Fertility International. Gestational Surrogacy is the method of successfully overcoming fertility problems by maintaining the direct genetic connection between the intended parents and the baby. 

ADONIS Fertility International specializes only on Gestational Surrogacy services with the highest level of qualification and all-round support. 

The widest variety of options help to find the best variant for your family in ADONIS: 

  • Surrogacy with Egg donation (unlimited attempts)
  • Surrogacy with fresh embryos transfer
  • Surrogacy with thawed embryos transfer
  • Surrogacy with sperm donation (thawed embryos)
  • Surrogacy with Egg donation (“fresh” embryo transfer)
  • Surrogacy with “fresh” embryo transfer
  • Surrogacy with frozen embryo transfer (FET)
  • Surrogacy with Sperm donation (“fresh” embryo transfer)
  • Surrogacy with Egg donation (“fresh” embryo transfer)

With the ADONIS experienced specialists you will undergo the list of individually selected examinations to be sure in the right infertility treatment Program. We adopt and develop every step of the processes according to the patients’ examination results, individual specificities and intolerances, personal requirements and wishes. 

The first consultation in the ADONIS clinic will clear out the whole range of possible questions. 

Moreover, for the convenience of our patients from the USA and Canada, we have opened the Adonis Fertility International LLC Headquarters of the ADONIS MEDICAL GROUP in Colorado Springs (USA). This place is your communicational, informational and supportive center with additional benefits for the USA and Canada citizens.

ADONIS Gestational Surrogacy cost

The price formation of the ADONIS Fertility International is directed into the highest affordability with no losses in quality. Our Surrogate Programs cost is well-developed and worth taking. 

Surrogacy in the USA or Canada cost is highly overvalued and really expensive – ADONIS creates the necessary conditions needed for the patients from the whole world to travel to Ukraine and experience the effective infertility treatment here. 

ADONIS clinics are world-renowned with their own equipment and laboratory basis. We provide the following non-medical services included into the cost of every Surrogacy Program: 

  • Translation and its legalization services (documents, birth and marriage certificates, Surrogacy agreement, etc.)
  • Individual draft on Surrogacy agreement 
  • Notarization services 
  • Coordination services
  • Legal services (ADONIS own Legal Department for child registration and rights defending)
  • Final Surrogate compensation (after the successful delivery)

ADONIS staff creates an atmosphere of extraordinary support for every patient who undergoes infertility treatment. Moreover, we provide additional help with accommodation and transfer (on request).

Medical assistance of the world level is ensured in ADONIS Kyiv, Ukraine. Individually developed treatment plan, the latest equipment, highly experienced doctors and caring atmosphere – they’re ready to meet you. 

Come to consult, choose the right Surrogacy Program and change your life once and for all. 

ADONIS Fertility International – affordable infertility treatment with the latest achievement of medical technology.

Prohibition: A Turbulent Time

Leading up to 18th Amendment, a lot of emphasis was placed on alcohol consumption as the root of crime and problems in society

Leading Up to Prohibition

Even in the 1800s, blame was placed on alcohol for disrupting communities. Fueled by religious fervor, a version of “Prohibition Light” was enacted in places such as Massachusetts, Maine, and Ohio. In 1838, a Massachusetts law prohibited the sale of spirits in limited quantities. In 1846, Maine passed a law prohibiting alcohol statewide (it was repealed two years later). In the late 1800s, Ohio attempted to prohibit the sale of alcohol when the Women’s Christian Temperance Union joined forces with the Anti-Saloon League.

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