Features of Safari tours in karnataka

The vast continent of Africa is probably the only place left where nature in its raw, true, original form can still be enjoyed. It boasts enormous areas that are undeveloped and special conservation areas take up millions of hectares.

Cost effective Karnataka tours
karnataka Safari tour

If you look at some of the popular things to do in Mangalore, you get the feel of coastal neighborhood. Forest treks is different from enjoying beaches and taking sunbathes.

The natural splendor of the state is a magnet for millions of people that want to experience the magic of real and professional safari tours.


Features of Safari tours in Karnataka

Abundance of Wildlife

Rich Culture


High class Technology

Cost-effective packages or tours


Abundance of Wildlife

Most visitors to the state are intent on seeing the abundance of wildlife. It is there that it is possible to spot elephant and tigers and to get into close approximation of animals that live happily in their natural environment.


Rich Culture

One should not visit the continent for the wildlife only, however. It would be unfortunate to miss learning about the many different cultures, to miss out on tasting strange and new dishes, and to forego the opportunity to see how people live.

It is even possible to join a traditional household for a few days and the awesome display of traditional dances will remain with visitors for many years.



In contrast with the many wilderness experience, there are the modern cities that offer everything from excellent shopping opportunities to five star cuisine.

Adrenaline junkies will be overwhelmed by the many opportunities for adventure and those that love the sun will not be disappointed by the many beautiful beaches.

Hotels and other accommodation institutions offer something to suit any pocket.

High Class Technology

There is a widespread misconception that the region is backward and dangerous. In fact, the cities are modern and offer every convenience, ranging from modern communications to sophisticated financial systems.

Most states are only too aware of the value of tourism and take steps to ensure a stable safe environment.

There are tourist advisory services in all major centers and unpleasant incidences are no more prevalent than they are anywhere else in the world.


Cost effective packages or tours

Most foreign visitors are pleasantly surprised with the exchange rate. Europeans and Americans typically enjoy an extremely favorable rate.

This enables them to enjoy more experiences and luxuries that they would be able to at home.

An excellent meal, for example, will cost approximately one third of what it would cost for a comparable meal in a major European city.



There are extremely few destinations left that offer visitors the unbridled beauty of nature as she was created originally.

Karnataka forest safari tours offer visitors the opportunity to experience this dark but wonderful continent at leisure.

Visitors are often astonished by the contrasts between sophisticated societies and the seemingly endless stretches of wilderness.

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