Why Brahmatal is the best snow trek in India?

Brahmatal, as history suggests and locals believe, got its name from Lord Brahma, who is believed to have meditated in this beautiful land of tranquillity. Whether it is spirituality or the positivity of one’s mentality, the vibes that echo here will fill a soul with immense pleasure.

Brahmatal snow trek
Brahmatal Trek

Brahmatal Trek is considered to be the best snow trek in India. Standing tall at a height of 12,600 feet and incorporating a total distance of 24 kilometres, it is a perfect mixture of easy and challenging trails. The summit unveils a heavenly facet when the snow gently falls on its slopes; most of the trek is on the snow, which makes it terribly exciting.

The best time to scale the Brahmatal Trek is in the winter months of January and February. This is because, during winters, we can envisage heavy snowfall. One gets the privilege of walking on a blanket of snow. The quantity of snow tempts the trekkers from all over to take up the challenge.


A place where birds chirp to act as your alarm, the sun rises to lighten your world and mother nature embraces your existence, you do not wake up to such mornings everyday. A better world will be revealed and a heavenly land will be unveiled where the snow will be the mattress and the sky will be the roof. The fresh snow will feel like cotton candies and life will come to a standstill. The narrow paths covered with snow foregoing footprints will be a view that will compel you to reconsider your chaotic life in cities.


Meandering through the forest trails covered with snow canopy of rhododendrons and silver birch, uncertain of where you have reached, you will realise that some things can’t be found without getting lost. None of us know how heaven looks like but it is certain that you will find a taste of it here. The sprawling trees, the alluring blanket of snow and the juggernaut snow-laden peaks will compel you to move forward irrespective of the ordeal that your body will go through.  The visibility will be low due to extreme fog and the only possible way to track down the path will be emulating the trail. You will have to keep feeding your stomach with refreshments, eyes with ecstasy and soul with high spirits to make it to the summit.


The trail will compel you to stay a little longer, adore it a little longer and perceive a little longer because this life is a little less long and what’s lesser is a view that you will come across. Witnessing the beautiful frozen lakes of Brahmatal with the mighty Himalayan peaks overlooking it, your soul will refrain your desire to retreat back into the catastrophic world where life seems like a mess. The 360-degree panoramic view from the summit with the picturesque views of Mount Trishul and Mount Nanda Ghunti will be worth the climb. It is cold, windy and at times eerie at the summit but when the sun comes up, it leaves you with a magical warmth and this warmth stays within you forever.


Memories made in the mountains are certain to accommodate a small part of our heart and compel you to cherish it forever in the form of nostalgia. After all, mountains have an impeccable might and unaltered glory. To conquer one such height and scrutinize the snow-covered trail, get onboard with us to the beautiful winter snow trek of Brahmatal.

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