Visit 8 Incredibly Beautiful Places in Karnataka, a Paradise for Photographers

Spectacular places in Karnataka are often overlooked in favor of the more popular neighboring states of Goa, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. But Karnataka has a lot to offer in terms of stunning attractions. You need only look in the right place. Karnataka is home to some of the most beautiful and photogenic places in the world. If you happen to be an avid shutterbug, the stunning places in Karnataka would be the ideal paradise for you. Even those with just a passing interest in photography will be tempted to click away here.

Top photogenic Karnataka tourist places list
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Top photogenic Karnataka tourist places list:

There are several unique places in Karnataka you can visit even if making an unplanned trip and arriving on last minute flights. Just search for Karnataka tourist places photos online and you’ll see what we mean. Have a look at our list of the most beautiful tourist places in Karnataka and decide which one you’d like to visit first.

1. Badami

A historical marvel, you’ll find that Badami is among the most beautiful tourist places in north Karnataka. Home to four intricately carved cave temples, Badami is every history-loving shutterbug’s dream. Located mid-way on a low-lying hill, the caves are exquisite to explore with one of them housing stunning sculptures about 3 meters high each. At the top of the hill are a few Chalukya temples filled with stunning, intricate carvings.

2. Coorg

This gorgeous hill station is among the most sought-after travel destinations in India. It’s also one of the ideal tourist places in Karnataka for 3 days’ vacation. One of the most photogenic tourist places in Karnataka map, Coorg is fondly called the Scotland of India owing to its incredible natural beauty and scores of places to visit. No photographer would want to give up framing picturesque landscapes, rolling hills, and sparkling water bodies.

3. Mysore

Often referred to as the Cultural Capital of Karnataka, Mysore is among the most beautiful places in Karnataka to visit. If you love capturing on film the historical and cultural beauty of a place, then Mysore is among the ideal tourist places in Karnataka for 2 days’ visit for you. Photograph the enchanting Mysore palace, visit other historic buildings, explore ancient temples, and the zoo among other fascinating places. The charismatic place is a paradise for history-loving photographers.

4. Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is one of the most picturesque tourist places in Karnataka – hill stations – and is an absolute treat to visit. The ideal vacation spot for nature-cum-adventure lovers, Chikmagalur is dotted with spectacular hiking trails, pristine lakes, lush green hills, breathtaking valleys, and towering waterfalls. When in Chikmagalur, there is simply no way you’d want to put your camera down! Book a few business class flights for a comfortable flight journey and come to explore this beautiful hill station in Karnataka.

5. Gokarna

Fast becoming a popular beach destination, Gokarna is among the most tranquil places in Karnataka you can hope to visit. Not spoiled by over-tourism and pollution, Gokarna is a peaceful alternative to Goa’s jam-packed beaches. It is the ideal spot for unconventional and adventurous photographers who dare to explore the unseen beauty in nature. Gokarna offers a lot more than virgin beaches. You will also find beautiful landscapes and ancient temples here.

6. Nagarhole National Park

For wildlife photographers, Nagarhole National Park is among the best places in Karnataka to visit. Offering its visitors a vast spectrum of stunning natural beauty, the park is a shelter to scores of rare as well as endangered plant and animal species. In addition to the unperturbed ambiance, the exemplary surroundings of the park are captivating to behold. You will find a brilliant smattering of rolling hills, splendid waterfalls, and gorgeous valleys.

7. Dandeli

Surprisingly one of the lesser-known tourist places in Karnataka, Dandeli is absolutely awesome to explore. From temples and towns to forests and wildlife, the USP of Dandeli lies in its incredible diversity. Where else can you expect to capture beautiful images of migratory birds, sprightly deer, and spectacular natural beauty all in one place! No one would blame you if you went camera crazy at this amazing place. Dandeli is also a popular adventure sports’ spot in Karnataka.

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Top photogenic Karnataka tourist place Dandeli

8. Hampi

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ruins of Hampi are among the most spectacular and fascinating places in Karnataka you will find. Your camera will fall in love with the ancient temples, palaces, forts, and other landmark structures stretching for about 25 km and dating as far back as the 14th century. This astonishing place is reason enough for you to book cheap flights for a visit to Karnataka at India Eagle. Make sure you’re carrying the best camera as there are over 500 magnificent monuments to be photographed in Hampi!

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