How to find top wild life destinations tours
Wild life destinations tours

It is not just with one nation or region. Both the hemispheres are covered with exotic wildlife-rich regions. If you are really into wildlife beauty and natural attractions, it is time to fly to other regions and countries to enjoy. Here are the top five wildlife destinations in the world.

Galapagos Islands of Ecuador

When it comes to a perfect wildlife the main criterion is a region separated from interaction with the advanced civilization. One such amazing region in the planet is this group of islands. They are around 600 miles away from Ecuador and thus, they are literally out of the radar of civilization. This is the right place to spot many exotic species like penguin, giant tortoise, iguana and others.

The famous Amazon Basin

The Amazon River is just a small part of a giant ecosystem of nothing but, wildlife. You can visit this region from Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Columbia and others. If you do not want to spend your entire vacation in the wilderness, you can find eco-lodges in many regions around Ecuador. This land, without any doubt, has the best diverse range of flora and fauna. Visit the lagoons, take hiking, enjoy a forest picnic and if you have the heart, try to camp out in the wild. Amazon is not for those with chicken hearts.

Serengeti of Tanzania

We are talking about a lot more than just gazelles in plains. Yes, Serengeti is almost just plains, with never-ending view. It also holds forests, swamplands, reserve regions and much more. Serengeti is the best place to enjoy safari, in the world. You can find zebra, gazelle, wildebeest, leopards, lions, cheetahs, elephants, giraffe and the list goes on and on. The diversity in the landform is the main reason for this long list of animals. Although not as vibrant as the fauna, the flora of the region also does its part in making Tanzania, a wonderful Narnia.

Jim Corbett National Park of India

If you are choosing an India package for wildlife vacation, Jim Corbett is a must-included destination. Located in the foothills of Himalayas, this place is the best for jeep safari into the deep jungle to spot the national animal, the proud Bengal Tiger. People can also stay overnight in the national park. Apart from the tigers, there are numerous other large and small mammals like sloth bears, elephants, leopards and others. Choose winter to enjoy the 600 species of feathered winged friends of the region.

Atsinanana of Madagascar

Of course, Madagascar has made its way to this list. Have you seen the movie? You would understand the diversity of lifeforms in this region. Just like the Galapagos Islands, this region is also strangled from the civilization advancement and thus, nature is preserved in its purest form. Primates of this region are usually exotic. For instance, take lemur and you will find ten different species of them, here. Stick to the shores to spot humpback whales.

Are you planning a wildlife vacation? Get your camera ready and tune yourself to explore the gems of the nature, in its own castle.

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