Budapest – Top 10 Things to Do during your 3 Days Visit

Searching for versatility in the customs at one place then nothing would satisfy your quest to explore more than Budapest. The city with myriad charms and mosaic influences, Budapest reflects the persona of every nation that it had been in hands of. Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and consisted of two medieval cities Buda and Pest which were emerged in 1873 as a solo city.

What to do in 3 days visit to Budapest
Tour & travel of Budapest

The city has gone through so much and therefore kept a lot of surprises as well as secrets that are yet to be reconnoitered. The visitors cannot be confined to just 10 things to do in Budapest but if you are going for 3 days itinerary then here we are mentioning the top 10 things to experience in such a short time.

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DAY 1:

1. Hungarian Parliament Building:

If you are wondering this building as just a building having some governmental affairs dealing inside it then you are wrong.  Hungarian Parliament Building is no less than a whole attraction that needs to be visited. Going to Budapest and not visiting this building is like going to San Francisco and not seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. The architecture of the Parliament building is worthy to be praised by every eye that sees it. And if you are waiting for the best part then here it comes; you are not confined to see it from outside but can take tours of the inside when the National Assembly’s procession is not in running. Hungarian Parliament Building is best to be viewed at dusk when the sunlight coveted the building with yellowish rays, making it extravagantly admirable.

2. River Promenade:

The good things like that do not come in way usually but you can say that you just get lucky while visiting Budapest. When you are off your way from the Hungarian Parliament Building, you can visit this beautiful river in your way that is situated in the south of the Parliament along the edge of the Danube River. There are raw iron shoe sculptures hanging and if you see one then don’t get surprised by it. The ‘Shoes on the Danube’ are an evocative reminder of those poor souls who had lost their lives thru being executed along the shore during WWII. The 60 pair of shoes are mounted there in the memory of those people. The walk by the seashore not only tells the melancholic tale of the past but also gives beautiful scenery to observe.

3. Hosok tere:

Translated as ‘Heroes Square’, this is one of the highest photographed sites in Budapest and is a tribute to Hungary’s national identity. The exclusive square and monuments are characterized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The whole situate is pretty influential to observe but the most eye- catching is nearly a 30m high column with a statue on the top of the pillar. You can get to see the monument by walking down on Andrassy Avenue from Oktogon towards City Park.

4. Opera House:

Comparing Budapest’s Opera House to that of Sydney would not be unjust because both the Houses excite the tourists in the same way. The architecture is Neo –Renaissance and is not only a renowned thing about the House but its sky high acoustics are no less than a marvel to a listener. The Opera House can be toured from inside and to assure you, it is a pretty sight to have.

DAY 2:

5. Citadella:

There are plenty of attractions in Budapest Hungaryto experience in fact saying the city an attraction hub would be appropriate but Citadella is like a jewel in the crown. Aptly located atop Gellert Hill, Citadella is a UNESCO Heritage World Site. It is a symbol of freedom and liberty in Budapest and provides some exuberant outlooks over Buda Cast, Parliament, Danube and Pest ridge as well Buda hills.

6. Vaci Street shopping:

If you are a shopaholic then Vaci Street is a must to visit. There is variety of high- end stores along this pedestrian street that also endeavors quite a view. The facades require a look as they are festively decorated during the holiday seasons. Shop, eat and make yourself cheerful while witnessing scenic views in Vaci Street.

7. A walk across the Chain Bridge:

Walk across the Szechenyi Chain Bridge spanning across the Danube that offers a mesmeric view of the city. Budapest is a beautiful city that is designed in a way that every part of it endeavors an enthralling scene to admire so during your 3 day visit, you will find most of the things coming with beautiful sceneries. The Szechenyi Bridge is the one that connects Buda and Pest. On your way, don’t forget to check the lion sculptures too that are
carved from stone that are situated at the bridge end. The sculptures are famous because they had survived the havoc of WWII.

8. Budapest is all about food:

If you are on a trip and you are not happy with the food then honestly, the trip becomes worthless. Life and trips are all about food and your tour to Budapest become more charming if you make your tummy happy. There are few dishes without which your voyage to Budapest cannot be completed. Breakfast with Turkish eggs and duck pate is recommended. You can eat Hungarian goulash and cheese platter in the lunch and what about having Budapest Barbeque in dinner?

DAY 3:

9. Szechenyi Thermal Baths:

Right thing at the right time! Your last day should be spent in relaxing and comforting yourself at Szechenyi Thermal Baths. It’s no wonder that Budapest is referred as ‘the city of bath’ and the reason behind it is its world famous Bath Houses. These Bath Houses are fed from several hot springs around the city. The water is pure, fresh and turquoise as it comes from the springs since Budapest is the city with world’s largest thermal water reserves. There is a lot more to do while exploring these baths so taking a half day to just relax is much required and Szechenyi Thermal Bath will do the job fairly.


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