Top 10 things to do in Chennai

Chennai, is the capital city of Tamilnadu beautifully residing over the Bay of Bengal. A home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Chennai is a pious abode to gods with some of the most magnificent temples embroidered with an exquisite architecture.

Previously known as Madras, this city has a long history with invaders and Bharatanatyam (traditional dance). With ginormous beauty to explore and marvel at Chennai never falls short of expectations and is therefore flooded with a million tourist every year. Before we get to know the places to visit, So, Vanakkam let us have a look at the places that one can visit.

Top 10 Destinations in Chennai


How to Travel in City:

MTC buses are available from any corner of the city. Chennai also has sub urban train network. It is advisable to rent a self-drive car in chennai or a bike for more convenient & comfort.


Top 10 Destinations place in Chennai


Labelled as the most beautiful beach in India. Marina beach is one of the best attraction of Chennai. A splendid shoreline majestically washed by crystal clean water of Bay of Bengal and laden with numerous food stalls. Marina beach is every tourist’s dream to bask in the southern Indian sun and savor the delicious south Indian and sea food.


With lush green palm trees lining the beach. The Cavelong beach is situated near some major religious places. Most important one being the temple of Mahabalipuram. Cavelong beach offers a variety of adventure sports and activities. It is also known for the tremendous variety of fishes it offers for fishing.


This architectural gem is carved on a block a granite. What a sight to behold!  Near the temple is a place called Arjunas penance where one carving tell the story of decent of river Ganges from heaven to earth. The other has Pandavas in their chariots and a hanging rock called Krishna’s butterball. Both a religious and architectural beauty the temple of Mahabalipuram should not be missed when visiting Chennai.


Situated on the tomb of St. Thomas. San Thome church is one of the most visited churches in India. A masterpiece of British architecture with tinted windows, this church is surrounded by flower and candle shops that double its beauty.


This 37 m long monument is reminiscence of Dravidian architecture that is revered in the whole world.An ode of lord shiva and karpagambal a festival is held in the month of March that sees thousands of decipels and tourist. So if you are in Chennai at around March vistingKapeleshwar should be the first thing on your agenda.


Situated in the heart of Chennai. This mosque does justice to its name. A hallway lit with a thousand lights enamouring every soul that takes a look at it.

A visual delight to the eyes and a spiritual solace to the soul, that’s all this place is about.


Tamilians for sure want you to know about their rich heritage and from where they borrow their uniqueness. DAKSHINA CHITRA or Living History Museum as they call it, is a 10 acre long village echoing the essence of old Tamil and its culture.


An abode to exotic bird species and snakes. Guindy National park is a nature‘s treat in the middle of the city.


Ever wanted to feel the power of winds and the vastness of the sea. Ever wanted to feel for a moment like you are the king of the world?

Visit Netukuppam . Though it’s nothing like a titanic ship but an old bridge on the top of the sea. But the feeling you get is inexplicable.


One of Asia’s largest libraries with a unique broad arches and an even more unique placement of books. It is a must visit place for every book nerd and reader.



Madras is too enormous a city to be confined with a handful of places. But we have tried our best to make your trip more fulfilling by listing the places above.

Though, you can never know MADRAS & MADRASI in a single visit!!

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