Rose – The Undisputed King of Flowers

Facts file and Stats of Rose
Rose – symbol of beauty and love

In flowers world rose is considered as the king of the flowers. It is one of the most gorgeous flowers found in the nature. In flower world no flowers is as beautiful as rose. From the beginning of the civilization Rose is considered as symbol of beauty and love.

In plant world you can find over 100 species and variety of colors of rose. The rose has always been valued high for its beauty and has a long history of imagery. In these days roses are considered one of the top most gifts.

Basically Rose is used as a commercial purposes. Roses are also valuable for the perfume industry. Rose is the symbol of love. Without the rose the love is not complete. In this beautiful world numerous types of roses can be found like Red Roses, Pink Roses, Black Roses, White Roses, Multi colored Roses and many other types of Roses.


Facts file and Stats of Rose

* Rose is well known as the King of flowers.

* For centuries Rose is remain as symbol of beauty and love.

* Roses are useful for the perfume industry.

* In this world there are more than 100 species of rose are found.

* Roses are an ornamental plants which grown with their flowers.

* Mostly roses are found in the garden and indoors.

* Roses are used for gifts purposes.

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