Five Things You Should Know About Underwater Sea Walk

Underwater Sea Walk is the new sort of adventure travel in where visitors can experience ocean life. In this new type of travel traveler need to wear a jumping cap and weight belt so that they can stroll along the ocean bed to contact and feel the fish. In the remote ocean you can locate a different universe which is fill up with full of astonishment and energy.

Underwater Sea Walk Tickets, Price, Timings, Location
Adventure Travels with Underwater Sea

In this regard Mauritius is become prime tourist place for this kind of tour and travel. Mauritius is famous for beautiful beaches, atmosphere, and marine life in this world. It is encompassed by 33 km of coastline. It is a top class diving destination. There are around 340 types of fish, huge numbers of them endemic. Plunging conditions are best in the summer, from December to March. In here tourist can see a vast variety of Under Sea species in one place.

The most famous adventure Sea walk is situated in and around Grand Baie and Belle Mare. This remarkable visit takes you to the Mauritius where the quiet water is flawless for submerged investigation. This exceptional experience last around a hour and will take you among a large group of intriguing and well disposed fish. While getting a charge out of this adventure Sea Walk you can see the absolute most outlandish submerged vegetation to be found any where on this planet.


Underwater Sea Walk Tickets, Price, Timings, Location


Underwater Sea Walk Tickets Cost

For one tip of 1 hours in this adventure travel you have to pay $100.

Underwater Sea Walk location

Located in Grand Baie islands of Mauritius.

Underwater Sea Walk Timings

9:00 to 14:30

Underwater Sea Walk minimum age


Underwater Sea Walk Days

All days

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