Online Food Blog of Kasturi Fish

Fish is one of the major sources of food in the non vegetarian plate. Fish is one of the tasty food which eat in all over the world. It has been an important source of protein for us since the evolution of society. The Kasturi Fish dish is one of delicious Indian dish to eat.

Cooking method of Kasturi fish
Online Guide of Kasturi Fish

Ingredients required for Kasturi Fish dish
500 Gms rohu fish, sliced or cut in chunks
7-8 tablespoons groundnut oil or Desi ghee
5 onions in large size
100 Gms ginger
10 cloves garlic
1 cup curds
Salt according to taste
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 cup tomato ketchup
1 teaspoon chili sauce
4 bay leaves
10 pounded green cardamoms
5 sticks cinnamon


Appliances required in Kasturi Fish Recipe
Juicer Mixer Grinder
Pressure Pan
Oven toaster grill cum warmer


Method for cooking Kasturi Fish dish
* Spread each slice of fish with a little salt and turmeric in Pressure pan. Heat oil and fry fish lightly. Wait for few minutes.
* Put onions, ginger and garlic into the grinder. Squash and then pour into a fine strainer or clean muslin cloth. Squeeze the juice out and discard the residue.
* Thrash the curds and add the onion-ginger-garlic juice along with salt, sugar, tomato ketchup and chili sauce.
* Heat the remaining oil or Desi ghee in the Pressure Pan. Temper with bay leaves, pounded cardamoms and cinnamon. Add curds and stir fry for 2 minutes.
* Dispense the curd mixture into a baking dish with a well-fitting boil. Put down fish pieces in it.
* Set Oven to 180 C. Bake for 30 minutes. Now the dish is ready to eat.


Serving tips of Kasturi Fish dish
Kasturi Fish dish is ready to eat. Serve this dish hot.

Cooking Time required in Kasturi Fish dish
It takes around 30 minutes for completion of this dish.

Marigold – The God gifted flower with hundred leafs

Uses of Marigold
Marigold Stats

Marigold is one of the most beautiful flowers found in our planet. The meaning of Marigold is a flower with hundred leafs which describe its many florets per head.  This South American origin flower is also known as Tagetes. It’s name is taken from the word ‘Mary’s Gold’ a name commonly used for Calendula.

Marigold is a garden plant which is planted yearly. In our world you can find numerous colors of this hundred lefs flower in which orange and yellow are the most common colors. This beautiful flower is mostly useful in decoration and the perfume industry.


Types of Marigold

Basically there are four types of Marigold are found –

* Tagetes Erecta
It is also known as African or American Marigolds. Size of this type is normally goes to three feet in height.

* Tagetes Patula
It is also known as French Marigolds. Size of this type is normally remain 5 inches to 18 inches.

* Signet Marigolds
This type of Marigolds are used for the decoration purposes.

* Mule Marigolds
Combination of tall African and short French marigolds.


Facts file and Uses of Marigold

* Marigold is belongs to the Tagetes family of the flower.

* This flower origin place is South America.

* It’s mostly used for decorations purposes.

* Marigolds are useful for the perfume industry.

* In this world there are more than 56 species of Marigold are exists.

* Marigolds are an ornamental plants which grown with their flowers.

* Mostly Marigolds are found in the garden and indoors.

* Orange and yellow are the two most common colors of Marigold.

* Marigold is a native plant of North and South America.

* Marigold is an annually planted flower.

* Marigold is commonly used as a food color.